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Reblog if you can speak more than 1 language.

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*forgets to talk to friends for 4 weeks*

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Oh my god. It was my last day to be a teenager and you know what I did? I worked in a bar, and practiced karate techniques with my family. 

You know what I did to bring in the day? When midnight rolled around I was sitting on the internet, watching with about 20 friends as one girl shaved her head on camera for me. She did the reverse mohawk, the monk, and oh my god I was dying. She did it as a spontaneous birthday present for me. I love my friends. 

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Anonymous: what are your thoughts on penises?

They exist? That’s about the extent of my thought process there

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This is ingenious.

mcdonalds needs to do this


okay but I’m actually really scared that the lid of the drink is going to come off or something

//the way this works is that it stops about 2 inches above the top (the hole only big enough to go that far without ripping) so you  wouldn’t have to worry about the lid coming off!

it’s really a brilliant idea. it cuts down on the amount of materials used,  and space it takes up. all around good engineering.

from the looks of it it might be recycled materials too? if not then it should be.

it frees up your other hand from having to carry your drink but also doesn’t shove the cold drink next to the warm food


This is the definition of innovation, no amount of sleeves on a blanket can beat this.

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Can’t afford the trip down to Florida to swim with the dolphins? Swim with these dolphin-esque bananas instead.

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This is the best thing I’ve heard all day

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