Seven children and seven Horcruxes

The seven characters each having one of the seven Horcruxes. Draco with the ring, Ron with the locket, Hermione with the cup, Harry himself, Neville and Nagini, Ginny and the diary and Luna with the diadem.


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Anonymous: Are you coming to Meta Con sexy lady?

I have no idea what that is. But if it’s happening in my area, I don’t have a day off of work until next tuesday so probably not. 

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you’re really cute and its ruining my life because i think about kissing you all the time

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Anonymous: Are you ok?

I’m half and half. I have a lot of personal life things stressing me out quite a bit, and I’ve been working non-stop. My next day off isn’t until the tuesday after next. But I’m living on my own, and I recently started talking to a friend again, and I got a ps3. So, I’m half and half. Thanks for asking. 

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Things that happened last night:

Things that did not happen last night:

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Did you know that ps3’s play Bluray??? I didn’t but now I do and let me tell you I’m excited. No need for a dvd player, or a bluray. 

So now I have a ps3, a ps2, a gameboy color, a nintendo ds lite, a gamecube, and an xbox. Plus my laptop/steam account. And my roommate has an xbox 360. All I need now is a really good tv and a lot of games. And some blurays. 

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I bought a ps3 yesterday. We also have an xbox360, with few games. Game recs?

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Anonymous: We accept the love we we think we deserve. Friends and lovers

I find that to be rather true. Though I really only have experience with the friends part. 

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Anonymous: Will you post sexy pics from con?

I’d really like to know who you are… how did you know I was going there before I posted about it? This has been sitting in my inbox because I wasn’t sure how to respond. I’d be more comfortable knowing who you are (if you’re the anon who usually messages me) (and also if you’re a different anon). And alas, I don’t believe any sexy pictures were taken of me at con. I did wear the middle earth dress, but I didn’t document it. 

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Anonymous: Why do you let negative people poison your life?

If I knew the answer to that surely I would change it. But the problem is that negative people are still people, they still become important to me, and therefore become a part of my life. I end up caring about them, even if there’s nothing I can do to change their outlook. I’m not sure, anon. Any ideas?

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